Monday, August 11, 2014

August is so Fine

Photo Cred: Walking the Red

      TFC won one game in August of 2012 and 2013 COMBINED. In 2014 (so far), The Reds have flipped the script and suddenly found a way to win games in the month of August. 2 wins in 2 games. A perfect 6 points. 3 more to go and all signs are that TFC will compete and have an opportunity to win in all of them.

      What has lead to the success of the team in August? Is it the sudden confidence boost and 2 goals by Gilberto? The solid defensive play especially on the wings by Hagglund and recently acquired Creavalle? Or is that the team finally is clicking on all cylinders? It seems like all of those are viable options, however one thing sticks out. DEPTH. A bench full of players who could easily start elsewhere. Something TFC never has had. When captain Steven Caldwell went down with a quad tear on July 12th or the lingering groin issue with leading scorer Jermain Defoe, the team could easily have fallen apart. But countless moves by GM Tim Bezbatchenko has given the club a plethora of players who can step in at a moment's notice.

      With three games left in August: at SKC, vs. Chicago, and vs. New England, TFC has a chance to make this a month to truly remember. Ryan Nelsen has certainly punched the right buttons and challenged the players. It makes practices much more intense when so many guys are fighting to make the starting 11. 

    August has been perfect so far to the Reds, and there still time to make this a truly historic month. I for one know that the fans are ready. Dare I say it, but we may finally see an MLS Playoff match at BMO. Can you imagine our crowd and the atmosphere?! Get ready Reds' fans because this will be a great race down the stretch. No better measuring stick than this Saturday vs. Sporting KC. 

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